Youth Basketball Clubs

One of the best things for our youth today is sports.  Whether it be through school or the community having our kids participate in sports is very beneficial to them in many ways.  Not only does it teach them about working with others, it is good for them physically teaching them to be active and enjoy it at the same time.  It gives them a sense of involvement and shows them how every little part of a team is important.

 In both New York and New Jersey where crime rate can be high and the city is filled with multiple ways of fast paced life, sports are even more so encouraged to help keep the youth of today headed down the right rode that will lead to success in life.  

Our blog follows youth basketball in the cities of both New York and New Jersey.   Offering a direct line to different programs and clubs established for the kids in these cities that want to play basketball and succeed.   Especially those going to high school and preparing for college.  Being involved in a sport can lead to college recruitment and even scholarships that will aid in the cost of expensive tuition and other school fees.


The first program we would like to share with you is The Eastside Escalades Basketball Club!   Now enrolling for their spring season they have teams spots available for ages 9-12.  All teams are coached by professionals.  There will be 5 tournaments throughout the April thru early June season and all games are held within one hour of New York City.  Open to both girls and boys those who make it to the finals will play in Boston in June in either of the Boy/Girl finals tournament.

Practices will be held twice a week at any of the different gyms involved in The Eastside BasketBall program.  

Whether it be an activity you are looking to enroll your child in for fun or to teach them responsibility and discipline basketball is a great sport.  Programs and clubs established like Eastside Escalades are great for the kids within the community.  It promotes further participation and also opens up a new door to lifelong friendships.  Look into this program or perhaps one near you.  Most programs are held throughout the summer which is also great as to keep your kids busy while school is out.

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